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If you chickas need any answers to your probs you can ask me here or if it is something personal you can contact me:






8 responses to “Ask Me!

  1. Lara Bensoili

    would u mind tellin me if i need to use conditioner on our hair??-girlie wirlie:)

    • Things like blow drying and straightening take its toll on your hair, and can leave it looking and feeling dull and lifeless or nawt hawt. Hair is dead and cannot repair itself, so it’s important to give it a bit of TLC. A good conditioner can be your bff when it comes to making your hair look its best. So grab your conditioner and get in to the shower, ay-sap!
      luhv-little miss purrfect♥♥

  2. Valentina Tesic

    Okay I just AH_DORE your blog and I cnt wait for your next update but ummmmm hw do u deal with total losers or haters caus they can be sooo AH_NOYING

  3. Liz Taylor

    I love the way u use the clique way of words without being any of the characters! Cud u plz gimme a shoutout???

  4. 2kwl4skl

    hi lmp. im in high school and the friends i hang out with are very cool and they bunk classes and are brave enough to shoplift stuff that they want! cool right? but my parents arent ok with all this plus they want me to make new frndz and like not do any of this while i like my frndz but they keep asking me to do all of this too. what do i do?

    • If your parents don’t want you to do this stuff than they’re right! Shoplifting is a serious crime and bunking classes is a toe-tal negative, just think of all the money your parents are spending to get you a prim and proper education. All of that goes to waste if you don’t stick around in lessons! And I’m sure that all of your ‘cool’ friends’ parents are nawt ok with any of this and maybe some of them don’t want to do this but they aren’t brave enough to stand up for themselves like you did and will (i hope). And, even though you have fun with your friends and all- if they are forcing you to do stuff you aren’t comfortable with then they are not your real friends but a bunch of phony wannabes who wanna act cool by doing wrong things. So, my advice is get new friends, stay in school and live your life;)

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