Tips for the perfect summer vacay!

Miss purrfect here… ready to give you guys what you all always crave for… ADVICE.


Aaah summer …. the sun hitting your skin , the wind blowing in your fragrant hair , and the sound of ocean waves. Ah-mazing right? Everybody loves Summer Break! Whether your the biggest LBR(loser beyond repair) or the greatest Alpha. Well I’m here to help you LOOK your best during summer break , and also how to have the most FUN! Here we go chikas… let’s start with the fashion!

Now.. we all know it’s getting HUMIDE outside! Forget those jeans girl … show off your shorts! (;

Summer Shorts!

Cuh-ute right!?

Now….no matter how CUH-UTE our winter long-sleeves were chika , time to throw them away into storage! You should be caught wearing THESE..

Summer shirts!

Now for make-up…I would say to use your regular routine , BUT… use more bright colours!

Now that we’ve got fashion & make-up covered … time for the FUN! One great idea is to make a bucketlist of all the things you wanna do this summer! Here are some ideas of what to put on it.

– Go to a themepark

– Tan and go swimming.

– Go visit the beach

– Take a relaxing walk.

– Go to hawaii!

All kinds of things! (:

Wishing you a great summer,

Little Miss Purrfect!♥


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