My Make-up Routine


I’m gonna teach you girls how to look flawless with make-up , but make it look completely natural!

1.Wash your face ,and put on any facewashes and mosturizers .

2.Grab a good concealer ( I use the ones that come in like a lipstick and you swipe it with your finger and dab it on to your blemishes) , dab them on your blemishes , make sure you rub it in well.

2.Get a powder foundation and swipe it on all over your face. It makes your skin look totally flawless.

3.After that , if you put on eyeshadow , choose natural colours like , brown , beige , champaigne , and well you get the point.

4. I put eyeliner on my bottom lid , just a little bit , and a little bit of mascara.

5. Get a red blush , and swipe it on your cheekbones LIGHTLY. You don’t wanna look like snowwhite!

6. Apply lipgloss!

And you’re set (:

I suggest keeping a make-up bag with you at all times , just incase you need to re-apply something , or fix a smudge.

This is my daily routine !

Hope you liked it! :)


Little Miss Perfect


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