Lose weight, the healthy way!

Bonjour, dolls!

We all know summer is here and everybody wants that perfect beach bod, am I right? Let me begin with saying, you have to be dedicated and motivated. I’m writing this post to tell you how to do it the HEALTHY way. You CAN lose weight in a positive attitude, without feeling bad about your confidence and starving yourself girls! The way you’re going to achieve your goals is a balance of diet and exercise.


1.Balance how much you eat. Make sure you’re not over-eating or under-eating. Sometimes, we eat things when we’re not even hungry? Make sure you control that urge by chewing gum.

2. Cut out the nasty bites! Things like soda and fast-food, not only have a lot of calories, but they’re very unhealthy and do a lot of damage on the inside of your body. It’s better to stay away from it girlies!

3.Next time your ‘rents go grocery shopping, tag along and pick out healthy snacks and food you’d like to eat to make it easier to stay away from all the junk food temptations.

4. H20 is your BFF! Replace all beverages you would normally have with water. Water does not only make you lose tons of pounds but it’s great for your skin, and helps with your acne. It’s a win-win !


1. If you’re a beginner, start with exercising for 30 mins 2-3 days a week. If you’re getting the hang of it, try doing it for a longer period of time or more days a week.

2. Don’t like sports? Find free online workout videos, click full-screen and there you go! You can exercise at home easily. The online site I go to is  http://www.fitsugar.com/ . My current fave workout videos are …

3. Don’t mind sports? Find out you’re favorite sport or physical activity and register to do it weekly. It’s the perfect way to keep fit and have fun at the same time. Hello, look at Megan Fox? How do you think she keeps that perfect body so easily?

Those are my tips to lose weight the healthy and confident way, I’m totally crossing my fingers that it helped you out. This is what I do and i’m very healthy and in shape, so try it out !

Little Miss Purrfect♥



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4 responses to “Lose weight, the healthy way!

  1. Georgina Merida Baxter

    Hey LMP! Ah-mazing post girlie! I love how you told everyone the healthy way to stay fit! That’s a thing that most girls come around to during the Summer so they can look fit! Great post!!!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  2. Maria Wong

    This was ah-mazing x10! Excersizing is so important, and even though I hate sweating, I’ve recently started excersizing and it’s totes important to have a great beach bod!

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