Hey chickas!

I’m Little Miss Purrfect and I’m here to give you the latest fashion trends, juiciest gossip and how to get that cute guy from your science class to look at you! Yes, even that. What can I say? I’m La’ Source!



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2 responses to “Hey chickas!

  1. fahionista4evah

    hi little miss perfect! i luv ur blawg! hey, i have a question. I’ve had a bust up with my bff. How can I make things better? 😦 plz reply!

    • There’s only one way to sort this out and that’s by talking. Whatever you’ve argued about, if you apologise, tell her how much you miss her and that you regret what happened, there’s a good chance she’ll forgive you. If you’re too nervous to pick up the phone, perhaps you could send her a little present or a nice card and ask if you can have a chat. Remember, if she is a good friend she’ll probably miss you as much as you miss her and will be only too happy to talk to you.gud luck!:)

      luhv-little miss purrfect♥♥

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