Early Summer Trends

I want to write about some recent trends, or fashion ideas I have been liking for summer.

Flower Crown Headbands

These just appear really casual, pretty, and fun to me, although I haven’t really worn one, I like how they look!

Above photo is Chloe Moretz wearing this trend.


This is really popular, especially among designers, and I like the sophisticated but quirky look it can give with bright colors.

Personally, I think it appears better when you pair up a darker, or more vivid color with a pastel color.

Take a mint green with a very vivid yellow, or a navy blue with a pastel pink for example.

Above photo is a picture of various celebs sporting this look.

Chalk Hair Color

I’ve seen and heard of this look around, and I think it is a good idea for temporary highlights. Basically what you do is take some colored chalk, and rub against your hair. I think it looks pretty but I don’t know if I’ll persoonally try it out! ;)


Fun Wedges and Sandals

When it’s nice outside, these are always good to wear.

I think they give a cute look, without overdoing it.

Above photos are a pair of sandals from Forever21, and some Sperry Top-Sider wedges, both shoes are available for purchase.

A pop of Color on your nails

I think this gives a fun, vivid pop of color if you’re keeping your outfit and accessories simple.

Photo is the Zoya Blogger Collection, which I own, and j’adore!

Little Miss Purrfect♥


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