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Four Ah-mazing Ways To Wear Peplums!

We’ve already looked at peplums as a trend, chickas!

Now its your turn to choose wisely: from tops to dresses, here are the top four varieties of peplums you can wrap around your waist this season.

ways to wear peplums

Peplum blazers

A peplum blazer is a slick and structured way to introduce this trend to your wardrobe, especially since it’s got the advantage to be pushed into the winter wardrobe. A peplum blazer works very differently on the body, when compared to a peplum top. It gives an instant geometric shape to an ensemble when worn over a regular outfit. It’s not the peplum, however, that does the trick, but it’s the original silhouette of the blazer and jacket that gives an architectural shape to the shoulders and waist.

peplum blazers

  1. Acne cotton-blend peplum jacket, available at
  2. Alexander McQueen folded-front leather jacket, available at

Peplum tops

This style is possibly the most versatile way to incorporate a peplum in the wardrobe. While you could style a peplum top with various bottoms, wearing it with a pencil skirt would work cleverly to camouflage the appearance of a slight stomach bulge (if it exists, that is). You wouldn’t have to hold your stomach in, as a peplum would sit just over the top of your high-waisted skirt.

However, if you’re wearing a peplum top with pants or shorts girlies, you can draw attention away from the waist by looking for pieces where the peplum starts from above your belly button. Low-sitting peplums emphasise the waist and direct the entire silhouette of the mid-section.

peplum tops

  1. Nina Ricci floral silk top, available at
  2. ASOS net-detailed peplum top, available at

Peplum dresses

For this style, be aware of the kind of peplum you choose on the dress. The potential problem with a peplum dress is that it sits on a very close line for being mistaken for a frilly decorative drapery seen on curtains and bed sheets. A peplum dress must be structured, streamlined and flattering to your body type. If the peplum is too large or ambitious in its shape, it can look too costumey and comical.

Subtle accents of fabric on either sides of the waist also qualify for being a variation in the peplum dress.

Remember the rule of thumb: don’t look for obviously structured peplum dresses that would cut your body in two horizontal halves. Slight drapes, overlapping and tapering of fabrics around the waist are also cousins of the peplum family.

peplum dresses

  1. Aqua structured mini dress, available at
  2. Stella McCartney jersey peplum dress, available at

Peplum skirts

The peplum skirt creates the illusion of perfect symmetry on the body. The fabric overlaying the hips makes them seem proportionate to the shoulders. Let the peplum skirt take centre stage in your wardrobe by styling it with a plain singlet.

Be mindful, once again, of your body type when picking this style for the coming season. If you have a larger bottom, a peplum skirt wouldn’t be a wise choice for you and you should opt for the peplum top instead.

peplum skirts

  1. ASOS peplum skirt, available at
  2. Ellery Apron peplum skirt, available at

And that my girlies were the four AHB-SOLUTELY AH-MAZING ways to wear peplums!

Little Miss Purrfect♥


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Steal Emma Stone’s Oscar Hair and Makeup!

emma stone at the oscar's

Just the color of her dress alone was enough to make Emma Stone’s Oscar look one of my favorites. Her hair and makeup were kept simple, so as not to compete with her exceptional gown, making it an easy look for you to steal.

To get her chic, slicked back bun, prep your wet hair with Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment, then blow dry straight. Create a deep side part, and keep your bangs or a front section of hair separate while you work on the back of the style. Pull the rest of your hair into a mid-height ponytail and begin wrapping pieces of hair into the knot, keeping it loose and wide and securing each section with a bobby pin. Then, use a brush to smooth the front section back and pin it, blending it into the rest of the style. Finish the look with a shine spray to give it a polished, secure hold!

To copy Emma’s fresh, springy makeup, apply a tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone without looking too overdone. Then, apply St. Tropez Skin Illuminator in Rose to your arms, shoulders, and collar bones, which will make your skin glow with a subtle shimmer. If you’re wearing a dramatic dress like Emma’s, it’s best to keep makeup simple, so apply liquid liner with a slight wing and use light pink or nude lipstick!

Little Miss Purrfect♥

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Lose weight, the healthy way!

Bonjour, dolls!

We all know summer is here and everybody wants that perfect beach bod, am I right? Let me begin with saying, you have to be dedicated and motivated. I’m writing this post to tell you how to do it the HEALTHY way. You CAN lose weight in a positive attitude, without feeling bad about your confidence and starving yourself girls! The way you’re going to achieve your goals is a balance of diet and exercise.


1.Balance how much you eat. Make sure you’re not over-eating or under-eating. Sometimes, we eat things when we’re not even hungry? Make sure you control that urge by chewing gum.

2. Cut out the nasty bites! Things like soda and fast-food, not only have a lot of calories, but they’re very unhealthy and do a lot of damage on the inside of your body. It’s better to stay away from it girlies!

3.Next time your ‘rents go grocery shopping, tag along and pick out healthy snacks and food you’d like to eat to make it easier to stay away from all the junk food temptations.

4. H20 is your BFF! Replace all beverages you would normally have with water. Water does not only make you lose tons of pounds but it’s great for your skin, and helps with your acne. It’s a win-win !


1. If you’re a beginner, start with exercising for 30 mins 2-3 days a week. If you’re getting the hang of it, try doing it for a longer period of time or more days a week.

2. Don’t like sports? Find free online workout videos, click full-screen and there you go! You can exercise at home easily. The online site I go to is . My current fave workout videos are …

3. Don’t mind sports? Find out you’re favorite sport or physical activity and register to do it weekly. It’s the perfect way to keep fit and have fun at the same time. Hello, look at Megan Fox? How do you think she keeps that perfect body so easily?

Those are my tips to lose weight the healthy and confident way, I’m totally crossing my fingers that it helped you out. This is what I do and i’m very healthy and in shape, so try it out !

Little Miss Purrfect♥


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Early Summer Trends

I want to write about some recent trends, or fashion ideas I have been liking for summer.

Flower Crown Headbands

These just appear really casual, pretty, and fun to me, although I haven’t really worn one, I like how they look!

Above photo is Chloe Moretz wearing this trend.


This is really popular, especially among designers, and I like the sophisticated but quirky look it can give with bright colors.

Personally, I think it appears better when you pair up a darker, or more vivid color with a pastel color.

Take a mint green with a very vivid yellow, or a navy blue with a pastel pink for example.

Above photo is a picture of various celebs sporting this look.

Chalk Hair Color

I’ve seen and heard of this look around, and I think it is a good idea for temporary highlights. Basically what you do is take some colored chalk, and rub against your hair. I think it looks pretty but I don’t know if I’ll persoonally try it out! ;)


Fun Wedges and Sandals

When it’s nice outside, these are always good to wear.

I think they give a cute look, without overdoing it.

Above photos are a pair of sandals from Forever21, and some Sperry Top-Sider wedges, both shoes are available for purchase.

A pop of Color on your nails

I think this gives a fun, vivid pop of color if you’re keeping your outfit and accessories simple.

Photo is the Zoya Blogger Collection, which I own, and j’adore!

Little Miss Purrfect♥

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My Make-up Routine


I’m gonna teach you girls how to look flawless with make-up , but make it look completely natural!

1.Wash your face ,and put on any facewashes and mosturizers .

2.Grab a good concealer ( I use the ones that come in like a lipstick and you swipe it with your finger and dab it on to your blemishes) , dab them on your blemishes , make sure you rub it in well.

2.Get a powder foundation and swipe it on all over your face. It makes your skin look totally flawless.

3.After that , if you put on eyeshadow , choose natural colours like , brown , beige , champaigne , and well you get the point.

4. I put eyeliner on my bottom lid , just a little bit , and a little bit of mascara.

5. Get a red blush , and swipe it on your cheekbones LIGHTLY. You don’t wanna look like snowwhite!

6. Apply lipgloss!

And you’re set (:

I suggest keeping a make-up bag with you at all times , just incase you need to re-apply something , or fix a smudge.

This is my daily routine !

Hope you liked it! :)


Little Miss Perfect

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Tips for the perfect summer vacay!

Miss purrfect here… ready to give you guys what you all always crave for… ADVICE.


Aaah summer …. the sun hitting your skin , the wind blowing in your fragrant hair , and the sound of ocean waves. Ah-mazing right? Everybody loves Summer Break! Whether your the biggest LBR(loser beyond repair) or the greatest Alpha. Well I’m here to help you LOOK your best during summer break , and also how to have the most FUN! Here we go chikas… let’s start with the fashion!

Now.. we all know it’s getting HUMIDE outside! Forget those jeans girl … show off your shorts! (;

Summer Shorts!

Cuh-ute right!?

Now….no matter how CUH-UTE our winter long-sleeves were chika , time to throw them away into storage! You should be caught wearing THESE..

Summer shirts!

Now for make-up…I would say to use your regular routine , BUT… use more bright colours!

Now that we’ve got fashion & make-up covered … time for the FUN! One great idea is to make a bucketlist of all the things you wanna do this summer! Here are some ideas of what to put on it.

– Go to a themepark

– Tan and go swimming.

– Go visit the beach

– Take a relaxing walk.

– Go to hawaii!

All kinds of things! (:

Wishing you a great summer,

Little Miss Purrfect!♥

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Hey chickas!

I’m Little Miss Purrfect and I’m here to give you the latest fashion trends, juiciest gossip and how to get that cute guy from your science class to look at you! Yes, even that. What can I say? I’m La’ Source!


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